• (204) 669-0750
  • info@chalmersrenewal.org
  • 180 Poplar Avenue, Winnipeg MB R2L 2C3

Annual General Meeting & Neighbourhood Celebration

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Every fall Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation hosts a Neighbourhood Celebration and Annual General Meeting.

If you live, work, or participate in the Chalmers neighborhood of Elmwood please plan to attend for confirmation of the Board of Directors, by-law review/changes, and update of initiatives and projects of the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation.

Link to our current By-Laws: https://chalmersrenewal.org/by-laws/

To register for our next AGM please contact us at  204-669-0750

Check out our Annual Reports from our previous AGMs. Please note these files are 20-30 pages long/large files.

2023 Financial Report

2020 Haworth Management Letter

2022-2023 Annual Report – CNRC AGM

2021-2022 Annual Report – CNRC AGM

2020-2021 Annual Report – CNRC AGM 

2020 Annual Report – CNRC AGM

2018 Annual Report – CNRC AGM

2017 Annual Report – CNRC AGM

2016 Annual Report – CNRC AGM

2015 Annual Report – CNRC AGM