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Emergency Community Response

This program is a response to emergency needs being referred to Chalmers
Neighbourhood Renewal. It matches our Five-Year Renewal plan which prioritizes
poverty reduction and safety for Chalmers residents.
The CARING FOR ELMWOOD Emergency Community Response for residents
of Elmwood could include any of the following:

  • Extermination of an infestation of pests (bedbugs, mice, cockroaches, etc)
  • Overdue housing-related bills (utilities, taxes)
  • Removal of extreme long-term conditions of bulky waste (truck & crew rental,
    cleanup of the flooded basement)
  • Safety-related home repairs for extreme conditions
  • Medical or dental-related emergency expenses
  • Mobility expenses for urgent conditions (walker, grab bars, railing, ramp

Grants (dependent on need or until funds are expended) will be made available for
Elmwood residents who meet 4 out of 5 of the following criteria:
1) The resident is from a vulnerable population
2) The resident has exhausted all other means of resolving the need.
3) The resident’s quality of life is in crisis.
4) Resident has no other resources/family/friends to whom they can turn.
5) Resident can show any proof of low or fixed income.
Payments will be made directly to agencies contractors or companies hired to
remedy the crisis.

The Applicant will

  • supply a completed application form along with 1) a quote or bill to indicate
  • the amount needed and 2) any proof of low or fixed income.
  • receive a letter and will have 30 days to begin the process of resolving the issue
    or explain why an extension is needed. Recipients will follow up with progress
  • be required to contribute monetarily toward the cost of the project or
    volunteer (Pay it Forward) in any way that they or any family member is able.

Application Form