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Green Team

The Green Team is the dedicated summer staff at Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation. They carry out many responsibilities within the neighborhood, doing their best to make sure the area is clean and that community members receive help.

One of the main ways the Green Team helps out in the Chalmers area is by providing free grass-cutting and yard work services to those in need. Community members can call in and schedule an appointment for the Green Team to help out at their homes. They will then arrive and cut the grass, pull weeds, and weed-whack the area. They can do even more yard work if it is needed. This program provides a great benefit to Chalmers homeowners who may not have the proper equipment, who have mobility issues or any other concern that makes it challenging to maintain their yard. 

The Green Team has also spent time this summer helping to beautify the Chalmers area further. They have done this by planting over 200 flowers within the neighborhood and working hard every week to ensure they are watered regularly and properly maintained. These flowers can be found around the area and help create a more positive, welcoming community for all. On top of this, the Green Team has been regularly picking up litter in the area, with over 100 garbage bags collected so far this summer.

The Green Team has been a great help in the community this year by providing assistance to residents and helping to beautify the neighborhood! We are grateful to have them at CNRC and look forward to seeing them back next summer.