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FIRST WORKSHOP: April 7, 2015 Edible Gardening & Skill-Sharing Program

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2015 Edible Gardening & Skill-Sharing Program

FIRST WORKSHOP: April 7, 2015

Contact us to register or for more details (Dale at 204-669-0750 or chalmersrenewal@mymts.net).

Urban Eatin’ is partnering with CNRC and Essential Foods in Elmwood to offer gardeners in the Chalmers neighbourhood access to food gardening workshops, skill-sharing activities and community garden maintenance throughout the 2015 gardening season.

We’d love to get your feedback, please contact Dale at 204-669-0750 or chalmersrenewal@mymts.net or contact Cath at cmcfarlane2@wrha.mb.ca or 204-806-3548.

Who is Urban Eatin’?

Urban Eatin’ is a small group of gardeners committed to using organic and holistic techniques to build and maintain vegetable and herb gardens for Winnipeg’s private residences and public facilities. We envision a more just, sustainable food system, where people in urban spaces can work towards localizing food production, lessening
our ecological footprint, working cooperatively, building community

We have received funds from the National Co-op Challenge to put towards building food security and edible gardening initiatives in four Winnipeg areas throughout 2015… and one of these is the Chalmers neighbourhood of Elmwood!

You can find out more about Urban Eatin’ at:


Your chance to learn about:

» Planting & Garden Planning
» Canning (think Salsa)
» Fermentation (think Sauerkraut)
» Trip to a U-Pick & Fruit Processing » Dehydration & Fruit Leather
» Soil Building & Weed Control
» Seed Starting & Seed Saving

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