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Beautify Elmwood Invites Community and Business Ideas: Active Transportation, Flowers and Gardens, Special Events

Beautify Elmwood Invites Community and Business Ideas: Active Transportation, Flowers and Gardens, Special Events

Over 20 Elmwood community members gathered on Monday March 10th at 180 Poplar Ave to get a sneak preview of what’s coming to beautify and enhance the community! This was not an exclusive meeting; all community members were encouraged to attend and contribute their ideas.

While the 12 amazing bicycle shaped bike racks and planted flowers are aesthetically pleasing perks, there are also exciting plans going on in the background such as: community events, murals, improvements to active transportation (walking and cycling routes) and much more. Apparently, Beautify Elmwood is not only about planting flowers in Elmwood!

You may ask, how can Beautify Elmwood accomplish so much? As part of the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation – 5 year Neighbourhood Renewal Plan for Chalmers, the members have chosen community topics they are passionate about and work on the various committees including Beautify Elmwood.

At this open neighbourhood meeting, participants were able to see and add ideas to the spring 2014 plans and 3-year projection of Beautify Elmwood’s projects. The session ran from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm and included complimentary pizza/refreshments and a brief presentation on the history of Beautify Elmwood. The majority of time was spent looking at Beautify Elmwood’s plans and sharing ideas via post-it notes and discussion. In attendance were residents and interested partners from local business, agencies and government.

It was a varied group that included both new and lifetime residents, and a great time was had especially when everyone began sharing ideas with each other, which ultimately resulted in an even more amazing plan for the community! The meeting ended, as promised at 7:30 pm and the room was buzzing with excitement for spring in Elmwood. Thank-you to everyone who attended!

The next Beautify Elmwood meeting is scheduled for Monday April 28th from 6-7:30 pm at 180 Poplar Ave. A summary update of the most recent meeting will be posted shortly so you can see the planning details from our March session.

If you’re interested in attending, have a particular area of interest with Beautify Elmwood or would just like to get more information, please contact us directly!

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