On September 18th, as part of the 1st annual neighbourhood celebration and Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (CNRC) General Meeting, the draft 5 Year Neighbourhood Plan will be presented to the membership for adoption during the AGM.
The 5 year plan for Chalmers is based on extensive community input and involvement. Once adopted, it will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis along with the complimentary CNRC annual work plan. The full plan is presented here on the website, it is posted at 180 Polar Ave offices and hard copy versions will also be available at the September 18th event or by contacting Dale directly atย 204-669-0750.
A Community Visual and Video will also be on display on September 18th with members of CNRC available to answer any questions you may have about the plans.

Chalmers Five Year Neighbourhood Renewal Plan sept 9th final draft


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