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A screenshot of the unique visual the Procter Bros. are creating for their short videos about Chalmers

Chalmers bookWe wanted to share some news about a really exciting project we are working on as part of the Chalmers community plan. Over the next few months we are working with Chrsitian, Sean and Aaron of Procter Bros. Industries to create a unique video project. In a series of short videos, these talented local animators will be sharing the story of our neighbourhood of Chalmers, what makes our neighbourhood special and unique, and how people and opportunity connect here for a stronger neighbourhood community.The videos will also document the Chalmers community planning process that is currently underway. 
Even though we are known as animators, our real job is story tellers. We feel the importance of stories is as timeless as it is universal. Working with the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation and the community itself is an opportunity for us to help define their story, where they have have been, where they are at now and where they would like to see themselves in the future, and to communicate that to the community itself and beyond. That’s a very powerful thing to be part of, and we are honoured to tell that story.

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