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What We Do

A significant part of what we as an organization will do has been determined by the Chalmers community through consultations and planning.

Community greening
Community greening along Henderson.

Community Coordination and Planning

We are currently coordinating the first Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal planning and implementation process, that will outline and initiate specific priorities, projects and efforts to improve our community now, and over the next five years – find out how you can participate. As this process unfolds, our organization will work towards meeting the plan set out by the community through partnering and collaborating with other local organizations, supporting existing programs and by directing implementing some new initiatives where the need exists. Examples of initiatives supported by neighbourhood renewal corporations in other areas are:

  • improvements to community facilities
  • enhanced community programs and services
  • expanded community gardens
  • developing safety strategies or audits

We look forward to supporting specific initiatives that result from the community planning and implementation process, and will share the results of this process along the way on our consultation results page.

Community Grants

In addition to the planning process, the Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation supports the Neighbourhood Advisory Committee of Chalmers in:

  • Reviewing and providing feedback on Neighbourhood Renewal Fund applications.
  • Renewing and making decisions on which Elmwood Small Grants applications are supported.

Other Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations

There are Neighbourhood Renewal Corporations in other Winnipeg and Manitoba communities. Each organization supports a variety of community-based initiatives, projects and services. These organizations include: