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Neighbourhood Priorities for 2019- 2023

Safety, Parks/Recreation/Greening, Community Connecting, Community Services, Health/Wellness, Housing

The Chalmers Community Plan involves 5 Neighbourhood Priorities. 


  • Revitalize neighbourhoods and foster stable and healthy communities.




  • Improve neighbourhood capacity/ empowerment (as measured by increased participation of local stakeholders in renewal efforts, complementary funding leveraged and greater residential stability).


  • Improve housing conditions (as measured by physical improvements to substandard housing, development of affordable housing units, increased housing values/ investment and promotion of homeownership including cooperative housing models).


  • Increase economic development activity (as measured by labour market participation rates, job creation, training/ employment preparation, adult education opportunities, sustaining or development of small business and/or social enterprise).


  • Improve safety conditions (as measured by reductions in crime including fires/arson; improved security measures such as street lighting and home security; and greater perception of safety).


  • Increase access to recreation and wellness opportunities (as measured by improvements to parks and green space, play structures and other community recreation facilities; increased recreational programming and affordability including equipment and transportation).