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Winnipeg Street Workout & Calisthenics Summer Classes – 2019
Sign-up for an Outdoor Fitness Class ( Gateway Rd. @ Castle Ave. )
Interested in the FREE Fitness Classes? Fill out your information on the survey monkey link and we will contact you before the next session begins.

Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation is partnering with Nino Maric (Personal Trainer) at Movement Generation to offer FREE Fitness Classes at the Northeast Pioneers Greenway Fitness Node. Sign-up for a class and discover new and fun ways to keep fit and work-out.

The Fitness Node is located at Gateway Rd. and Castle Ave. which is EAST of Chalmers Community Centre grounds & Elmwood Giants Stadium.

Questions? Leave a comment at the end of the registration and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re unable to attend a class you’ve registered for, please call or text 204-295-9859 and let us know.

Class dates are:
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
June 25, 27, 29
July 2, 4, 6
July 9, 11, 13
July 16, 18, 20
July 23, 25, 27
July 30,

August 1