What is the Chalmers Renewal Plan?

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Chapter 4

The Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Plan is a document with ideas and actions to improve our community. The Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Plan will outline priorities, projects and efforts to improve our community over the next 5 years. It was created through a community planning process and is a blueprint for the changes, improvements and successes that we as a community want to see, and action towards these goals. This will be a living plan that can be shared, built on and updated to reflect our community’s successes and challenges.

The plan will include:

  • Goals and priorities for improving our neighbourhood.
  • Projects and strategies to help achieve our goals and priorities.
  • People, organizations, partnerships and supports needed to move each project or strategy forward.
  • Specific actions and steps that will be taken.

The Community Planning Process

Community Plan Process

To create the plan we started by asking community members about their ideas for improving the Chalmers neighbourhood. Once we had a sense of what kind of improvements community members wanted to see, we conducted a survey to get feedback on which actions should be a priority. Results from the survey can be found on the community consultation page.