BAG PartnershipBetter Access to Groceries (BAG) is a non-profit program under the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation (CNRC) sponsored Essential Foods in Elmwood and in partnership with Together In Elmwood (TIE) Parent Child Coalition, Chalmers Community Centre, Elmwood Community Resource Centre and other community partners and dedicated volunteers. Our mission is to provide the Chalmers neighbourhood and surrounding Elmwood community better access to fresh and low-cost fruits and vegetables, as well as promote community engagement activities and healthy eating. You can learn more about BAG on the Facebook Group: BAG – Better Access to Groceries 

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Our BAG documents available for download: 

BAG Brochure Bi-fold

Recipe BAGs (Ingredients List)

Please contact  to order!

How does BAG work? Watch the video to learn how!

BAG in the Media

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WAVE Magazine (page 9-10) WAVE Magazine PDF

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Due to our increasing participation levels, we have decided to update and promote our BAG operating guidelines in terms of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I order?
Anytime before the deadline:  Noon (12:00 pm) the day before pick-up.

When do I pick-up my BAG order?
Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2:00 pm-6:30 pm.

Where do I pick-up BAG?
Multipurpose Room, Chalmers Community Centre, 480 Chalmers Ave. 

What do I need to bring?
Please bring cash to pay for your order and your reusable shopping bag(s).

How much does BAG cost?

$10 – Produce BAG Fruits & Vegetables (You must pre-order to pick-up)

$3-$10 Recipe BAGs – non-perishable recipes  (Examples: Vegetarian Chili, Butter Chickpeas, Garden Lentil Soup, Tuna Casserole). Available for purchase on Pick-up Day Only. No orders necessary. 

How many BAGs may I order?
All new orders may request a maximum of 2 Produce BAGs. Existing BAG members are permitted to maintain their existing order quantity.

Who can order?
Our order maximum will be 400 and we have had to limit new order requests to within the Chalmers Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation boundaries which are:
 (west Henderson, north Munroe, east Raleigh and south Red River). Full Area Map can be found at : If you do not reside within the boundaries, you may asked to be put on the waiting list and we will contact you if a spot opens up.

How do I order?
To order contact us with your name, address, postal code, phone number and order quantity: 
or phone 204-669-0750

What can I do if the order limit is full for a BAG day?
You may ask to be put on the waiting list we have established and we will contact you if a space opens.

What if I can’t pick-up my BAG?
If you cannot pick-up your BAG, please contact us by EMAIL or PHONE as soon as possible. 

What if I forget to pick-up my BAG?
We understand that a missed pick-up for BAG may happen. Because of the extensive demand, if it happens a second time, your order request may be moved to the waiting list to open up a space for another interested community member.

What is a standing order?
A BAG member may put in a standing order, which means an advanced order for future BAG pick-up days. A standing order may be stopped or changed 
but please remember the guideline above under missed BAG pick-ups.

Can I volunteer for BAG?
Yes, BAG offers volunteer experience on BAG Pick-up and Recipe BAG Days from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (for approximately 1-2 hours). Ten (10) volunteer hours = One Free Produce BAG.

Can I order through the Facebook Page?
Facebook orders are not accepted. We only accept BAG orders and reorders: IN-PERSON on BAG pick-up day, BY EMAIL to or BY TELEPHONE to 204-669-0750 (Jacquie)


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